Andrew Winston is a past editor-in-chief and fiction editor of the Chicago Review literary magazine. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, he attended Washington University in St. Louis and the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England. He lives outside of Chicago with his wife, daughter, and son. His fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous literary magazines, including the New Novel Review and the Mid-American Review, and his song cycle, “Dance, You Monster" (with composer Alexandra Harwood) has been performed in New York and London. Looped is his first novel.

"Story": The Rialto #3, Summer 1985
"Fer Caille," "St. Silan": Wire, Spring/Summer 1990
"Endicott Considers Entropy," "Endicott Drunk on the New Town," "Endicott's Presumption": Wire, Fall 1990/Winter 1991
"Okra," "Raiding the Harvest": Mid-America Review vol. XI, #2, Summer, 1992
"Billboards Along U.S. 67": Bottomfish, #15, Winter 1994
"Endicott Bathing": Seattle Review vol. XVII, #2, Fall 1994/Winter 1995
"Insomnia": Poetry Motel 1993
"Chicago Sonnets" (12 poems) Lactuca, (date uncertain)

Short Prose
"Shopping for Grace in the Flea Market of the Soul" (book review): Chicago Review, vol. 43 nos. 2 & 3, Summer 1994
“Enjambment" (fiction): Swamp Root, spring 1999
“The Iceboat" (fiction): New Novel Review, vol 4, #1, Fall 1996

"Dance, Monster, to My Soft Song" (Alexandra Harwood, composer); Performed at the Danny Kaye Theater, NYC, May 1993 & London, June 2000